Stonebridge Boxing Club


Stonebridge Boxing Club is located in the once notorious Stonebridge Park estate in northwest London. The club actively combats gun and knife crime by keeping some of those kids off the streets and out of trouble.

The gym is reminiscent of the iconic Kronk Gym in Detroit. Windows are shut and the heating is on full blast, the gym turns into a furnace and the blood, sweat and tears weigh heavy in the air. When a session is in full-flow the rhythmic beat of skipping, the thud of punches on the heavy bags and footsteps in the ring create this amazing-electric energy and atmosphere. This is not the place to have fun or a laugh, only the truly committed and dedicated survive the SBC experience. As one famous quote reads; “you can play football and cricket, but you can’t play boxing”.

With members representing every ethnic background possible, the club is a real fusion of culture. The Stonebridge Boxing Club is not a team but a family, full of respect and support for one another.